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Stealthbits releases v1.3 of their Sensitive Data Discovery tool, StealthSEEK

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August 1, 2013, Hawthorne, NJ - Stealthbits Technologies, a leading developer of Data & Access Governance software solutions has released a new version of StealthSEEK - a powerful sensitive data discovery solution for file systems – containing improvements and enhancements designed to increase scale, further reduce false-positives in scan results, elegantly report on scanned content, and provide permissions context to help users understand not just where their sensitive data resides, but who has access to it. This also comes with a greater understanding that the first step towards a secure environment is to find sensitive and high-risk data, secure it, and consequently comply to regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, FERPA, and so on.

These latest enhancements come as a result of increasing adoption of the product by larger organizations and enterprise-size customers where Stealthbits has traditionally focused their attention from a target market perspective. Built on over a decade of enterprise-class data scanning technology, StealthSEEK continues to mature and it’s feature and function list continues to expand with data actions – the ability to classify, move, quarantine, lock down, or delete data – which will be available in v2 of StealthSEEK, slated for delivery in late September, 2013.

“StealthSEEK’s pragmatic and proactive approach to sensitive data discovery has really hit home with our customers and prospects,” says Adam Laub, VP of Marketing for Stealthbits Technologies. “Small and Medium sized organizations simply don’t have the budget for the larger DLP frameworks, and Large Enterprise doesn't have the time to wait for agent-based deployments and multi-day scans to complete. StealthSEEK is providing our users answers to their questions now, which is proving to be invaluable in their efforts to mitigate the risk of data breach and prove to auditors that they’re on top of their data.”

A large university and recent adopter of StealthSEEK has found the product to truly fit the bill with concern to their needs and desires in comparison with previous products, finding the answers they need within minutes - not days or weeks. What differentiates StealthSEEK from their previous toolsets is the simple, three-step workflow that helps discover where data lives, assess permissions and risk associated with their data, and finally scan for sensitive content in those high-risk areas first, before moving on to less critical or more secure systems.

StealthSEEK still remains easy to download and deploy, but contains great improvements in already existing product components, in addition to new features. These enhancements increase StealthSEEK’s flexibility, allowing users the ability to choose what to scan for and how to view and report upon their results in a matter of minutes, and at a fraction of the price compared to traditional DLP solutions.

StealthSEEK v1.3 Enhancements:

Greater Accuracy

  • Improvements in all criteria mean that you are filtering less false-positives
  • Enhancements in the criteria editor allow you to find what you’re looking for with surgical accuracy

Greater Flexibility

  • Drill down on all criteria at once, regardless of its location
  • Leverage powerful reporting services

Greater Reliability

  • Scans are better protected against corrupted files and other exceptions

Easier To Use & Understand

  • Overall usability improvements
  • Scan results are now presented in a hierarchy that makes it easy to understand your findings


  • Get your results quicker with improvements in scan times
  • With layout and organizational improvements, you'll get to the data that matters quicker
  • A new SQL Server database back-end means data refreshes far faster than in previous releases

Get A Clearer Picture of The Security Risks

  • Drill down on all criteria at once, regardless of its location

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