STEALTHbits provides the missing discovery, monitoring, and control to ensure the success of any Privileged Access Management (PAM) project. In order for PAM to be complete, all privileged and VIP accounts must be identified, all activity of these accounts must be monitored, and PAM’s control of these accounts must be absolute.

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Accounts with administrative and elevated privileges are critical for both business and IT functions, but also represent significant risk to the organization. Privileged credentials in the hands of the wrong user or service can lead to security breaches, efficiency problems, and even compliance issues. They must be identified, monitored, and effectively controlled. That is why Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions exist. STEALTHbits offers critical tools to ensure your PAM initiative is successful.

STEALTHbits Addresses Critical Gaps in Privileged Access Management

Discover Privileged User Accounts

Discover every privileged account

Monitor Privileged Users with Access Without a Proxy

Monitor where privileged users are using their access without a proxy

Force Password Changes Through Privliged Access Management (PAM) Service Account

Force all password changes to go through your PAM service account

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Privileged access is a major focus for security and I&O leaders looking to prevent and detect breaches, maintain individual accountability, and increase operational efficiency. Products are consolidating around two major patterns: managing privileged passwords and delegating privileged actions."

- Market Guide for Privileged Access Management


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