Change and Access Auditing | Real-Time Alerting

Active Directory (AD), File Systems, and Exchange are giant figures on any organization’s threat surface. However, most organizations lack visibility and control over changes and activities taking place in these environments, resulting in major security and operational risks.

StealthINTERCEPT provides crystal clear visibility into activity and changes, and safeguards your organization against malicious and unintended changes made in Active Directory, File Systems, and Exchange.


The STEALTHbits Advantage

By intercepting and inspecting all Active Directory, Exchange, and File System traffic at the source, StealthINTERCEPT generates security and operational intelligence in real-time that could never previously be obtained using native logs, utilities, or third-party products.

Detect & Prevent Changes

  • AD object & GPO modifications, creations, deletions, and moves
  • File System access & permissions
  • Exchange Non-Owner Mailbox access

Detect Advanced Threats

  • Authentication-based Attacks (Brute Force, Lateral Movement, Account Hacking, and more)
  • Crypto Ransomware & File Exfiltration
  • Privileged Account Use and Abuse

STEALTHbits addresses a challenge with native log data that I’ve struggled with for 8 years. STEALTHbits does the analytical work for me, specifically detecting modern attack vectors like horizontal account movement, the kind of technique that enables attackers to acquire privileged credentials and do the most damage.

- Security Engineer at a Large Investment Firm

Learn why organizations all over the world have picked StealthINTERCEPT as their change and access monitoring solution

Detect every change to critical objects and configurations like group memberships, Group Policy Objects (GPOs), Mailbox and File/Folder permissions, as well as access activities like Non-Owner Mailbox Access Events and critical file access without the need for a single log.

Threat Detection Dashboard

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