Prevent, Detect and Respond to Ransomware

Nearly every organization is at risk of being targeted by a Ransomware attack, which is quickly becoming the most pervasive form of malware in existence. The STEALTHbits suite of award-winning solutions helps organizations prevent, detect and respond to Ransomware attacks. Get started today to ensure your organization is prepared before an attack strikes.

We help organizations protect against ransomware attacks and detect and disable a ransomware infection.

Put an End to Ransomware

Stop ransomware by learning how to prevent ransomware


  • Educate users to recognize the various ways Ransomware enters an organization, such as through phishing tactics in email or social media or via infected USB drives.
  • Patch systems with all of the latest system patches. Nearly every breach involves an unpatched server. Available in StealthAUDIT.
  • Locate sensitive data. Ransomware attacks target data an organization can’t live without. Know where your data exists and who has access to it. Available in StealthAUDIT.
  • Limit access. Use a least privilege access model, preferably automated through resource-based groups to ensure maximum security. Available in StealthAUDIT.
  • Limit local administrator access, which is often leveraged by malware to propagate and install Ransomware throughout an organization. Available in StealthAUDIT
How to protect against ransomware with a ransomware scanner


  • Monitor file activity activity to detect access patterns indicative of a Ransomware attack Available in StealthINTERCEPT and STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor..
  • Monitor for known Ransomware filenames and extensions. Available in StealthINTERCEPT.
  • Monitor for suspicious authentication patterns such as horizontal movement. Available in StealthINTERCEPT.
How to get rid of ransomware virus


  • Block Access to data once a Ransomware attack has been detected, and stop it in it’s tracks. Available in StealthINTERCEPT.
  • Send incident information directly to SIEM for immediate response and recovery. Available in StealthINTERCEPT and STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor.
  • Backup data regularly to ensure all critical information is safe.


What is ransomware, how does ransomware work, and how to stop ransomware.

Don't be the Next Ransomware Headline

Ransomware removal through understanding, detecting, and decrypting ransomware

Ransomware 101: Understand, Detect, and Minimize the Risk to Your Business



Stop ransomware with StealthAUDIT.

StealthAUDIT is an auditing, compliance, and governance framework for unstructured data and critical applications that provides comprehensive data collection, analysis, remediation workflows, and reporting.

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Detect ransomware with StealthINTERCEPT.

StealthINTERCEPT provides crystal clear visibility into activity and changes, and safeguards your organization against malicious and unintended changes made in Active Directory, File Systems, and Exchange.

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Detect, stop and block ransomware with STEALTHbits File Activity Monitoring.

The STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor is a simple to install, easy to use, affordable solution that monitors and stores file activity for Windows File Servers and NAS devices (NetApp, EMC, Hitachi), without any reliance on native logging.

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