STEALTHbits enables organizations to govern and secure sensitive data residing in SharePoint sites.

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SharePoint Auditing and Reporting

Auditing & Reporting

  • Understand effective access to Sites, Lists, and Libraries, as well as determine where any user or group has access
  • Identify where direct permissions are applied which may be indicative of high-risk or otherwise toxic conditions
  • Identify instances where resources are being shared explicitly or anonymously


  • Identify site ownership through analysis of permissions, content ownership, and activity
  • Assign owners to sites and enable them to perform periodic reviews of access
  • Enable owners to make ad-hoc access modifications to their data
  • Enable users to request access to SharePoint resources and have the request reviewed, approved or denied by the data owner

File Activity Monitoring

  • Monitor SharePoint file activity events such as reads, modifications, creations, deletions, and permission changes


  • Locate content that has not been modified in a defined period of time to identify areas where clean-up efforts can be focused
  • Identify where content sizes may be exceptional due to large documents and version history in order to identify areas where clean-up efforts can be focused

Threat & Vulnerability Detection

  • Identify files (including images using OCR) containing sensitive content such as Credit Card and Social Security numbers, personal health information, and dozens of other types of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in multiple languages
  • Create and search for custom criteria specific to an organization such as Employee ID numbers, trade secrets, and product formulas

Data Classification

  • Collect file metadata including classification tags that have been implemented via internal processes or third party solutions


  • Publish SharePoint entitlements to IAM/IGA platforms through open data views


Security & Governance

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