Sensitive Data Discovery

Ultimately, Security is Protecting Information

Securing information is the number one priority for any CISO. It’s right in his title. Finding, understanding, and protecting information is a monumental task, given how difficult it can be to answer simple questions like "where is it?” and “who has access to it?"

The STEALTHbits Solution

STEALTHbits provides a comprehensive sensitive data discovery solution. We will expose where sensitive information exists across all of your unstructured data and identify the business owners of that information. STEALTHbits will also provide a number of automated actions to control access to the data, or move or delete the information.

5 Questions Everyone Should Answer About Sensitive Data.

  • Who can access the organization’s IP and what can they do with it?
  • Do we have data with sensitive information exposed via Open Access?
  • Are the controls where we store sensitive data strong enough?
  • Is there a mechanism to audit who has touched sensitive data?
  • Can we be sure IT admins aren't using their rights to access sensitive data?

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White Paper - Data At Rest: The Pragmatic Approach to Data Security Success Story - Getting Ahead of the Security Game with STEALTHbits Topic: Sensitive Data Discovery Solution Brief - Open Access Success Story - Building a Wall Around Open Shares
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StealthAUDIT® for Data Access Governance