SQL Server Auditing and Reporting Software

STEALTHbits enables organizations to manage and secure Microsoft SQL servers and databases.

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Microsoft SQL Auditing and Reporting

SQL Instance Discovery

  • Automatically discover where SQL databases exist across server and desktop infrastructure

Access and SQL Permissions Assessment

  • Fully assess control server, database, public, schema, and SQL permissions, highlighting where open access and other high risk conditions exist
  • Report specifically on SQL sensitive data access rights

SQL Activity Monitoring

  • Obtain a forensic audit trail of all database access activities
  • Highlight and alert upon SQL sensitive data access activity
  • Determine database ownership and potentially stale databases based on access activity

SQL Sensitive Data Discovery

  • Identify databases containing sensitive information like credit cards, social security and national ID numbers, financial and health data, and other PII

Configuration and Vulnerability Assessment

  • Ensure critical configurations are set properly across all instances (e.g. authentication, xp_cmdshell, etc.)
  • Proactively analyze database password usage and where passwords are being reused across different databases