Microsoft SQL Server

STEALTHbits enables organizations to manage and secure Microsoft SQL servers and databases.

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Microsoft SQL Auditing and Reporting

Permissions & Access

  • Inventory effective server/database roles and permissions to determine who has access to what
  • Highlight inappropriate and over-permissive access for remediation
  • Identify who can perform privileged actions within SQL
  • Identify stale databases accounts that can be removed

Configuration Assessment

  • Identify improperly configured settings that can affect the security or operational integrity of SQL

Object Details and Change Assessment

  • Obtain insight into all tables and views in each database, as well as changes occurring within them
  • Schedule alerts and reports when changes occur, along with change details


  • Identify who is logging in or attempting to login to SQL servers and whether they fail or succeed

Operational Reporting

  • Highlight SQL maintenance issues such as databases that aren’t being backed up


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