StealthAUDIT® Active Directory Permissions Analyzer

Comprehensive Active Directory object-level permissions auditing for security and compliance.

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Active Directory Permissions Auditing with StealthAUDIT

As the authentication and authorization hub of your network, the importance of understanding Active Directory (AD) permissions is not to be understated. Unfortunately, native tools and views into AD object permissions lack the ability to scale effectively even in smaller organizations, requiring advanced knowledge of scripting languages like PowerShell to make any real headway in understanding AD permissions vulnerabilities.

StealthAUDIT Active Directory Permissions Analyzer enables organizations to easily and automatically determine effective permissions applied to any and all Active Directory objects, at any scope, allowing for the most authoritative view available of who has access to what in AD.

StealthAUDIT Active Directory Permissions Analyzer

Comprehensive Active Directory Permissions Reporting

Browse our Active Directory Permissions reports and see how deep visibility into object-level permissions can illuminate vulnerabilities attackers exploit to compromise credentials.

  • Audit Group Membership Change Permissions in AD

    Understand which trustees can change the membership of Active Directory group objects, either by writing the member attribute or via the "Add/Remove self as member" permission.

See the market’s most comprehensive Active Directory Permissions auditing and reporting solution in action.

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StealthAUDIT Active Directory Permissions Analyzer

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