StealthAUDIT for SQL

Comprehensive SQL AUditing and Monitoring for Security and Compliance

Microsoft SQL Server often contains the most sensitive information within an organization and is a prime target for attackers. With the ease in which SQL database instances can spawn across datacenters and the Windows infrastructure as a whole, Database Administrators (DBAs) require proactive and surgical insight into their entire SQL database estate. This includes permissions, activity, data sensitivity, and configuration in order to properly safeguard their organization’s and customer’s information.

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The Power of StealthAUDIT for SQL

As part of STEALTHbits’ comprehensive Data Access Governance suite for structured and unstructured data, StealthAUDIT for SQL automates the process of understanding where SQL databases exist, who has access to them, how they obtained access, who or what is leveraging their access privileges, where sensitive information resides, and how each database has been configured.

StealthAUDIT for SQL - 360° Visibility

Complete visibility

Discover, collect, and analyze permissions, user and role assignments, sensitive data, activity, critical configurations, and more

StealthAUDIT for SQL - Automated Discovery, Security, & Compliance

Automated Discovery, Security, & Compliance

Automatically discover SQL database instances, remediate conditions according to your organization’s specifications, and generate reports for auditors

StealthAUDIT for SQL - Flexible & Extensible

Flexible & Extensible

Leverage powerful data collectors, analysis modules, embedded PowerShell and SQL scripting, and robust reporting facilities

StealthAUDIT for SQL - Rapid Deployment & Minimal Overhead

Rapid Deployment & light footprint

Connect to and communicate efficiently with the whole of your organizations’ Microsoft SQL estate while remaining lightweight for rapid installation and deployment without adversely affecting critical system processes

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Key Features

  • Automated SQL Instance Discovery
  • SQL Activity Monitoring
  • SQL Access & Permissions Auditing
  • Sensitive Data Discovery
  • Preconfigured Reporting
  • Workflow Composition
  • Toxic Condition Identification

Top Use Cases

  • Sensitive Data Discovery
  • Best Practices Assessment & Adherence
  • Least Privilege Access Evaluation
  • Forensic Investigations (Database Activity Monitoring)
  • Compliance Reporting (GDPR, HIPAA, ITAR, etc.)
  • Stale Database Identification & Clean-up
  • Sensitive Data Access & Activity Monitoring
  • Configuration Baseline Analysis


StealthAUDIT for SQL

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