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For Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, File Systems, SharePoint, and SharePoint Online, Stealthbits Activity Monitor provides the highest fidelity audit trail of user activity, without the noise or the guesswork.


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Activity Audting Made Easy

Native audit logs are noisy, kludge, performance intensive, and often void of the details and context administrators need to address security and compliance use cases with certainty and ease. Activities occurring within popular file system and storag e platforms, on premises and cloud based services like SharePoint and Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online, and directories like Active Directory and Azure Active Directory are particularly difficult to make heads or tails of and overly verbose, resulting in a ser ious lack of visibility into the two most important resources within any organization: credentials and data.

Stealthbits Activity Monitor acts as an embedded component of multiple Stealthbits products but can also be licensed and leveraged as a stand alone solution to drastically ease the burden activity auditing places on your organization’s people, processes, and technologies.

High-Fidelity, Streamlined Activity Auditing

Stealthbits Activity Monitor intelligently monitors and interprets activities, translating event output into information that both humans and computers can understand.

Simple, Straightforward Reporting

With easy to use output filtration and sorting options, users can answer simple and complex questions rapidly and without a PHD in data analytics.

Flexibility and Interoperability

It’s your data, so Stealthbits Activity Monitor provides the facilities you need to use it however and send it wherever you want.

“Wonderful product to monitor the file activity on windows.”

- Director of Infrastructure & Security in the Finance Industry

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All the data you need

See the market’s most comprehensive and easiest activity auditing solution in action.

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Your simple solution to the challenges and limitations of Native audit logging

In real-time, Stealthbits Activity Monitor audits, records, and optionally hosts or sends high fidelity, streamlined activity in formation to whatever needs it, including SIEM platforms like Splunk and LogRhythm, reporting tools like Tableau and Power BI, IAM and IGA platforms, and more.

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