Real-Time Threat Analytics and Alerting

Defend your organization from advanced threats like ransomware and attempts to exfiltrate or destroy your data.

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The STEALTHbits Advantage

Leveraging unsupervised Machine Learning, StealthDEFEND eliminates excessive and undifferentiated warnings to surface truly meaningful trends and alerts on attempts to compromise your sensitive data.



Focused on file activity, important contextual elements like data sensitivity, and the actual attack methods leveraged in enterprise breaches, there is no better-aligned solution available to protect an organization’s file system data against insider threats.

Intelligent Indicators

Intelligent Indicators

StealthDEFEND comes prepackaged with advanced analytics and Machine Learning models that automatically evaluate and correlate the activity and behavior of the users interacting with your file system data. The result is a manageable quantity of incidences to investigate, supported by evidence that will justify the time spent.

Superior Data Quality

Superior Data Quality

StealthDEFEND is not only highly performant in its ability to collect and process millions of access events daily and in real-time, but eliminates reliance on native logging altogether, providing a consolidated, enriched stream of file activity data that produces the highest quality output.

Data Exfiltration Discovery

Rapid Deployment

StealthDEFEND’s modern architecture and design make it highly scalable and cost effective, requiring minimal infrastructure that can reside virtually anywhere, deploy in hours, and begin providing results immediately.

Increased ROI

Increased ROI

StealthDEFEND enables users to maximize their investments in a wide variety of technologies, from DLP to Data Classification, SIEM, UBA platforms, and more.

StealthDEFEND Overview

StealthDEFEND Overview

StealthDEFEND At-A-Glance

StealthDEFEND’s interactive visualizations, incident detection response workflow, real-time alerting, and seamless sensitive data integration make it a powerful and highly effective component of your data security strategy.

StealthDEFEND Dashboard

Detect, Alert, and Respond:

  • Ransomware Behavior
  • Unusual Sensitive Data Access
  • Suspicious Encryption Activity
  • Configuration File Tampering
  • First time access
  • Suspicious Permission Changes
  • Abnormal User Behavior
  • Unusual Process Execution
  • Abnormal Denied Activity
  • Mass File Deletions
  • Data Exfiltration Attempts
  • Lateral Movement

StealthDEFEND Cybersecurity Playbooks

The following is one of the many Playbooks supported by StealthDEFEND and leverages the following response actions:

Step-Up Authentication

Adds an additional layer of protection with a stronger authentication mechanism when accessing sensitive resources or in response to suspicious behavior

User account disabling

Removes access as a precautionary measure until the user provides additional authentication or until an administrator re-enables the account

Incident Management Ticket creation

Logs an incident for triage

SIEM Alert Generation

Forward incident details to a SOC for initial diagnosis

StealthDEFEND Cybersecurity Playbook


StealthDEFEND playbooks allow your organization to:

Mitigate Data Loss Fast detection and response greatly reduces attacker dwell time and contains threats before attackers can advance to the data exfiltration stage

Decrease Response Time SteathDEFEND connects various security applications and processes together to orchestrate and automate the threat response process

Provide Instant Visibility Across Teams Automated incident response instantly notifies Global and Local SOC teams, security analyst and remediation teams ensuring everyone is aware of threats as they occur

Reduce Errors & Increased Productivity Automation removes error prone process from humans and frees them up to focus on high priority threats

SIEM Integration

Out-of-the-box integration and preconfigured dashboards provide your SIEM needed context and intelligence, without any of the noise.

IBM Security - SIEM Integration
Splunk - SIEM Integration
McAfee Enterprise Security Manager - SIEM Integration
AlienVault USM - SIEM Integration
LogRhythm - SIEM Integration


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