Rollback and Recover Active Directory Changes

As the primary authentication service in the majority of organizations worldwide, the health and operational integrity of Active Directory has a direct impact on the overall security of your organization. The capability to rollback and recover from changes to your Active Directory infrastructure, whether accidental or malicious, is an important and often overlooked aspect of your ability to maintain the security and performance of your network.

StealthRECOVER® enables organizations to effortlessly rollback undesired attribute changes, recover deleted objects, and restore the health of Active Directory—without downtime.

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The STEALTHbits Advantage

StealthRECOVER provides point-in-time rollback and recovery of Active Directory objects, attributes, Integrated DNS, and more, allowing organizations to restore objects in their entirety or just the granular attribute information they need. Key features include:

Active Directory Snapshots

Active Directory Snapshots

Govern when and how Active Directory back-ups are performed, with full visibility into back-up history and associated changes to Active Directory objects. Browse directory snapshots or leverage full-text search functionality to easily find and restore the information you need.

Object Recover

Object Recovery

Quickly and easily recover deleted Active Directory objects, restoring all attributes, group memberships, and settings to their last known state. The rapid, efficient recovery of deleted objects helps to mitigate associated impacts to your business resulting from loss of access, denial of service, or application errors.

Object Rollback

Object Rollback

Rollback changes to Active Directory objects like users, groups, and computers to any recorded state—complete with attributes, group memberships, and settings. Organizations can also restore all objects to the last known good state in case of severe outage, or when it’s too cumbersome to perform individual rollbacks.

Attribute Rollback

Attribute Rollback

Rollback Active Directory objects to any recorded state. Restore an individual attribute, a subset of attributes, or entire objects to any recorded state. A granular, scalable approach provides the ability to respond to problems ranging from minor accidental changes to substantial malicious behavior.

DNS Rollback & Recovery

DNS Rollback & Recovery

Painlessly restore AD-Integrated DNS records to any recorded backup state. Being able to rollback DNS entries helps prevent spoofing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and data loss due to accidental change or malicious attack.

DNS Rollback & Recovery

GPO Rollback & Recovery

StealthRECOVER expands your ability to protect your network from major service disruptions with fully-integrated Group Policy backup and restore capabilities. Quickly identify and rollback damaging GPO changes with granular point-in-time recovery functionality – all from within a single, unified interface.

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StealthRECOVER At-A-Glance

StealthRECOVER’s intuitive, lightweight web interface makes exploring object histories, recovering deleted Active Directory objects, and rolling back undesirable attribute changes safe and straightforward.

  • StealthRECOVER Dashboard

  • Active Directory Backup and Rollback

  • Active Directory GPO Rollback

  • Active Directory DNS Recovery

  • Active Directory Attribute Rollback

Rollback and Recover

  • Deleted Objects
  • Group Membership
  • Access Control List (ACL)
  • Accidental/Non-accidental Deletions
  • AD-Integrated DNS
  • Group Policy Object (GPO)
  • Individual Attributes
  • AD Lightweight Directory Services (LDS)
  • Objects, including Users, Groups, Computers, and Ous

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