Unix/Linux Auditing and Reporting Software

STEALTHbits enables organizations to monitor, audit, and report on UNIX/Linux File Shares and Systems.

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UNIX/Linux File Systems Auditing and Reporting

Permissions & Access

  • Determine effective access to a share or folder as well as where a user or group has access
  • Identify where direct permissions are applied that may be indicative of high-risk or otherwise toxic conditions
  • Identify and revoke permissions that are no longer being leveraged, enforcing a least privilege access model


  • Profile content sizes to identify areas where cleanup efforts can be focused, saving costs associated with data storage and management
  • Locate stale files that have not been modified in a defined period of time to reclaim costly storage space and reduce risk


  • Publish file system entitlements to IAM/IGA platforms through open data views

UNIX/Linux Operating System Auditing and Reporting

Users & Groups

  • Gather information on local users and groups, including conditions like duplicate, empty, or large groups
  • Identify password information for local users on each host, including password age, security settings, and more

Privileged Access Rights

  • Assess privileged access rights such as all rights granted via sudoers across the audited environment and the owners of critical files